Scientists realized early on that the diversity in the chemical and structural nature of the carotenoid breakdown compounds was key to their health benefits. Each compound within the mixture has the potential to interact and affect different pathways in the body. Through their combined activities, carotenoid breakdown compounds are able to have an overall health-promoting effect. Recognizing the vital role that the chemical diversity of the carotenoid breakdown products played, the product team set out to develop a product that would capture this diversity by combining different carotenoids in a formulation known as OxC-beta™ Technology. The formulation is intended to provide for the generation of a multitude of beneficial breakdown compounds in the body after the product has been consumed. As a result of this work, we have been able to capture  healthy essence of carotenoids. Nature has pointed the way and the application of science has allowed us to understand and harness the benefits, all in a little health chew!