OxC-beta™ Technology can be further described as a formula of naturally occurring β-carotene oxidation compounds. 

It has long-been suspected that β-carotene (bright organic pigments produced by plants and algae, as well as several bacteria, and fungi) has benefits that go beyond the micronutrient simply being a source of vitamin A. By probing β-carotene’s natural tendency to oxidize in air, it was discovered that the key to unlocking β-carotene’s additional benefits was oxygen. 

Recognizing the vital role that the chemical diversity of the carotenoid breakdown products played, our product team set out to develop a product that would capture this diversity by combining different carotenoids in a formulation known as OxC-beta™ Technology. The formulation is intended to provide for the generation of a multitude of beneficial breakdown compounds in the body after the product has been consumed. As a result of this work, we have been able to capture the healthy essence of carotenoids. 

Our OxC-beta™ formulation reliably delivers the suite of β-carotene oxidation compounds that provide flavor, aroma and immune function support that is often lacking in most dog food. This compound works to support the animal's digestive tract and immune function which in turn supports the development of healthy skin, fur, and joints. 

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