We would recommend starting with Dr Tobias Colon 14 Day Cleanse and then, when the cleansing outcome gets less (after 7-8 days), start with Dr. Tobias Oregano and Caprylic Acid Blend. The colon cleanse needs to be taken at bedtime, so when taking Oregano and Caprylic Acid Blend in the evening, we recommend doing that around 5-6 pm with dinner. 

A suggested daily schedule would look something like:

Breakfast (after 7-8 days): Oregano and Caprylic Acid Blend 1 capsule

Dinner (after 7-8 days): Oregano and Caprylic Acid Blendt 1 capsule

Bed-Time: 1 capsule of Colon with a large glass of water to start.  Allow your system 3 nights to adjust before going up to 2 capsules, and only if you feel the need to do more.  Often 1 is sufficient.

Daily: 80-100oz water and plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.

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