Prebiotics are food for Probiotics. 

Dr. Tobias GutMeister Ultimate Prebiotic formula is unique in that helps support gut health by going after the bad bacteria and generating more good bacteria in the process.  Most Prebiotics on the market will feed both the good and the bad bacteria. Dr. Tobias GutMeister is a great, every day supplement which may be taken alone or more commonly along with any probiotic on the market.

Probiotics support gut health by populating the gut with good bacteria and this helps support a healthy immune system.

Dr. Tobias 30 Billion Probiotics are for intensive support that is needed. For example, following a round of anti-biotics or other situations that may have led to depleted good bacteria. Dr. Tobais Deep Immune Probiotics also contain a smaller amount of the same Prebiotic ingredient within Dr. Tobias GutMeister.